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1. "The Motherhood Penalty in China: Magnitudes, Trends, and the Role of Grandparenting" (with Lingsheng Meng and Ben Zou), Journal of Comparative Economics, 51(1), 2023, 105-132.

2. "Social Preference Theory: Controversy and Future Development" (with Yun Wang), Academic Monthly (in Chinese), 53(6), 2021, 72-86.

3. "Belief Elicitation in Economic Experiments: Theory, Methodology and Applications" (with Yun Wang), South China Journal of Economics (in Chinese), 39(6), 2020, 87-104.

Working Papers:

1. "Estimating Capital-Labor Substitution in China: Evidence from Firm-Level Data" (with Lingsheng Meng and Yifan Zhang), Job Market Paper,

         Best paper at 7th Annual Conference of China Labour Economics Scholars Forum


2. "How Common is the Prosperity? The Trends and Nature of China’s Income Inequality, 1988-2018" (with Hongbin Li and Lingsheng Meng), under review [Draft available upon request]

We use nationally representative survey data to study income inequality in China from 1988 to 2018. Our findings show that the rising income inequality during this period has been driven by the considerable income growth experienced by the highest earners, rather than stagnation or decline in the incomes of those at the bottom. Even individuals at the very bottom of the income distribution have experienced remarkable absolute real income growth. We further show that the increase in top incomes was largely due to labor income, and government redistribution had only a minor effect in mitigating the worsening of income inequality.


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